The Con Is On

Here come the Tories
Brass neck
Fabricating stories
Tall tales of glory

Needs imagination
Pimping out the
Lower deck
In the national interest

Spin it ’til they
Win it, innit?

Lest we forget why
The citizens must suffer
They are clearing up the mess
That was left
Blue blessed
It’s a real fixer-upper

They made poverty
A Bloodsport
Cradle to the grave
Plenty profit in a slave
No pay
No say
While the gold plated
Upgrades, grateful
To the State
For their fate
Look the other way

Culture of benefits?
Who benefits?

Who benefits?

Those on the scrounge
Sing a-lobby in the vip lounge
Schmoozing in the Blue Room
Fluffers to the podium
Of suckers for the hopium

They all play along
For the Con
Is well and truly on

Do you know
Any Tory women?
Is hardly brimming.

5 thoughts on “The Con Is On

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