First thoughts, post Labour conference

Well, dear Reader! What a turnaround for the left-leaning there has been in the last 24 hours, eh? Oh I’m not all overcome with sudden adoration for the Labour Party, but oh, my – yesterday afternoon I truly felt the first rush of real hope for our short to mid term political future. It became tangible.

Ok, so Miliband’s policies are going to be dissected by all sides of the mediaocracy and the right wing politicians are going to wheel out the usual tedious diatribe about the dangers of too much red, the flight of business and money, the brain drain and the supposed ruin of the free market which, as we all know, is nowhere near free. They will decry the idea of We, the People having control of our common interests and they will cite Socialism as though it were merely some nightmarish extension of Eastern European communism and they’ll draw threatening analogies with Venezuela while not once mentioning China’s model which, let’s face it, is the source of their own envy – all the capitalist growth without the irritation of democracy. The same people will accuse us of being envious of the success and wealth of those who have profited mostly or only by climbing on our backs and dismiss the fact that successive governments have made policies to that exact end. It’s not envy – it’s profiteering. It’s injustice.

For me, it wasn’t the policies so much – not that I disliked them but I know there’ll be gaps and mistakes – lord knows, the Coalition makes them every day – and there will be shortcomings. No, it was that for the first time, I believed that a vote for Labour might not entail me having to hold my nose and settle for the least right-wing party of viable governance just to get rid of the present one. For the first time, I believed someone – Ed – would stand up to the overly powerful and the too bigs to fail. For the first time I saw comprehension, courage, credible strength and integrity.

It’s early days. I’m not entirely convinced. I have questions, doubts and misgivings. But I have hope now, too. Tangible green shoots of hope.

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