The Dumb Horizon

Spare the fat and trim the truth
Because, well, who needs proof
When mighty fools, by spooled
Threads of assertion, claim
The only rights that matter:
Integrity in shreds and Reason
Shattered –
World in tatters, teetering on
Manifold steep ledges –
All the edges sharpened
By the harping voices, shoring
Up the cowards’ power.
From their rusting towers
Choice has spoken: “Open up
The floodgates! Let the hate
Pour forth to course the blood”
That every drop in token spilled
May build a monument to vanity:
Behold! The dumb horizon!
See the threshold clear:
The great uncivilising of
Humanity draws near.
A world of fear instilled by
Monstrous hearts and
Broken minds, attending
To the end of Grace and
Wisdom killed – and all
For what?
To save the faces of an ugly few
And all they have accrued from
Mammon’s fast disintegrating
Mountain top.


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