Peak Patience

Recovery bubbles with form
And reform is forlorn,
Pawned to social relapse,
In lock-step with statistical
Scaffold’s collapse.

Aah, but Poverty is the new black.

Modern Babel is built
On old blood and derivatives,
Bonded and conned
Without mercy or guilt;
Trade is algoed for speed,
Predetermining need,
Unlike money’s velocity,
Creeping to low.

System D, growing strong;
Going long on ferocity.

Let no atrocity be without profit
Ensured by Insurance most certain
To be the next pop in a whole world of
Fiat legality –

Currency propped up
By flags of sheer fallacy.

Peak oil, peak water, peak credit
Indebted, indentured, incensed at
The big empty plate of the
Corporate state and its taste for
Full time become part-time or no time.

The time of peak patience
Is here and is mine.

As integrity spills with the drilling
And killing and spying condoned
By the meek and the willing
Drones’ efforts,
Postponing the end of the Act
And the imminent reckoning
Coming to all greedy cats –

And each species of life-leeching -crat…

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