Here is the news
Of nil import and poor report,
So undermined by oversight,
Sound bites and pruned narration;
Truth is tuned by Power unelected,
Quite unchecked
By bleeding hearts,
Dark Arts
And timid Good appeasing
For its tabloid life.

I could, I should
I would have stood for you
They’ll plead, repentant,
(Aren’t they always?)
Right on cue
As cowards do
See doubt,
Hear nowt –

Speak out? (Fat chance!)
Do nothing dances
Tarantella, spelling
Fear unflinching
And insatiable desire

Evil, glancing, knells,
A choir of flames
Compliant, rising,
Greets the Invitation
But woven well to hellish end.
From the Abyss, the call is sent:
“The fire’s lit, come sit
With me, my dear old friends”

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