Culling Badges

It’s not only black and white
It is political spite and paranoia
The need to weed the weird
The poor, the frail – the ‘other’
By some code of colour
Sometimes literal
Aways sought from lofty towers
Bought on the back of disdain
And primitive accumulation
Gaining fresh momentum
Hiding behind crises to excuse
The lack of reason and
The casting out of
Common human decency.

What does it take to pass this
‘Quality Control’?
Smooth, pale skin?
All four limbs?
Income to buy luxury and whim?

The more the two point four recedes
So cowards and bigots do compete
Unto the annals of dumb atrophy.

Give us our signs –
Mark us out with
Designated brooches
Of social and of monetary worth.
The Ages know the culling goes
The smoother for the cage.

What colour will my badge be
When you come for me?
Abort the dawn and mourn:
For now inclusion
Patience and
Are no more –

Are dead:
Fear and suspicion reign instead.

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