Poll shmoll

Week after week political polling shows that the general populace really don’t understand the issues under deliberation, or the vast consequences that may come out of the responses. This is especially the case when it comes to ‘Welfare’ and matters European. This isn’t the entire fault of the public of course. Our confusion is not merely down to a lack of insight: even if so inclined, people haven’t got all day to find and check the facts and give them critical thought. Besides, we know how this is compounded by the questions that are asked and exacerbated by the simplistic choices of the available answers. And, of course, such distortion of the statistics provides great capital in the service of agenda.

Sky’s poll was conducted by Survation, a “polling and research consultancy with British origins… chiefly known in the UK for its monthly voter intention polls on behalf of The Mail on Sunday.'” I know I’m cynical but when Sky News commissions a poll on our EU membership, I automatically assume it’s to prove a point and that its results will be used as propaganda to vindicate policy. Goebbels would applaud….

I mean, months down the road and are we collectively any more knowledgeable about Europe‘s various ‘departments’; its present structures and their connectedness, purposes and procedures..? Of course we’re “divided” over it! We are still mostly hearing what some people say could or might happen. We don’t need agenda-serving ifs and buts, nor do we need any more distortion and scaremongering. We need the facts of what the EU provides and takes to better measure the value in what is subsumed and we need to understand our legal position and subsequent standing in global institutions for both remaining in and leaving.

Because emotion and crony bias are so insidiously woven into our political and media sources, we have surely learned by now that we have to dig underneath their blah and blether to call them out. The only way the facts are going to surface with regards to our EU position is through time and insistence. Now. Not half way through or, as has become customary, after the decision has been made. It’s time we demanded, of our domestic powers at least, that they stop positioning us.