State of Surveillance

My government is stalking me
To pimp me out across the Pond
To Uncle Sam, the Peeping Tom
And various nefarious industries

For Profit
And, to top it,
Claims to keep me safe

– At my expense –

With nonsense terms like ‘terrorist’
When what it means is dissident.

It’s evident:

My government doesn’t trust me;
Views me with contempt and hired eyes
Do hack my thoughts to guess at deeds
By fickle proxy through the Prism
Of suspicion – see my liberty receding
As the State tries to ensure
There are no ‘what ifs’ unexplored.

The score is clear:

That carrion, be it State or private profiteer,
Reaps recompense by calculating fear and
Draws it ever nearer with imaginary enemies
At risk of self-fulfilling as the chill of Hell
Comes spilling into real: they fear so much,
So violently, they needs must hide in kind
Behind their self-induced and worried zeal,
To mind and mine all minds.

7 thoughts on “State of Surveillance

  1. It all adds up. Police infiltration of dissident groups, police violence at demonstrations, the glorification of the military, demonisation of the disabled and unemployed, and now spying on its citizens. Britain has become a fascist state.


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