You can’t get the staff

If Call-me-Dave and his cronies shut up for long enough they’d hear the raucous laughter reverberating around the isles. Followed by outrage and sighs of deep, deep despair.

‘They’ just don’t get it, do they?

Or do they? Either way: I’m not sure which reality is the scariest.

It’s not just the economy, dire as it is; inept as politicians are. It’s not just social policy, backward and insidious as it is. It’s not just moralising, obsessive and faulty as it is. It’s neo-theocracy dressed up as concern; power and control hiding under benevolence.

That old and now rarely expressed phrase comes to mind: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The spying on and curbing of civil liberties is in direct proportion to a government’s lack of trust in its electorate. This government, like the one before, would seem to both fear and despise us. When Authority has to micro-manage its environment and scrutinise the lives of its citizens like this, it has already demonstrated a loss of faith in the collective.

Protesters in other countries are freedom fighters and seekers of democracy while here, in the Dis-United Kingdom of not-so Great Britain, the dissenting voices are accused of talking and bringing the country down; of being rioters, anarchists, even. You wait – we’ll be told we’re unpatriotic next. Then they’ll really be able to define us as terrorists.

“If you’ve done nothing wrong…” What complete and utter bollocky balderdash! You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Besides, judging by the divisive manner in which this government publicly categorises and scapegoats its own citizens, I really wouldn’t put any faith in its ability to discern the ‘good’ from the ‘enemy’, would you? Especially when you think of how most of our ‘enemies’ have been deliberately induced or even conjured from thin air in the service of imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, feudalism ism ism ism…

It’s a bit disingenuous to call all this invading, dividing and conquering of selected fashionable spots around the world ‘defending’ the UK. Nope. Rather it’s the usual suspects stirring shit, starting wars, invading governed and ‘ungoverned spaces’, enabling profiteering: having the audacity to call it ‘help’.

Do we vote and pay taxes for government to decide what is and isn’t ‘wrong’ behaviour? Do we pay the wages of those elected ‘representatives’ for it to make those definitions? Surely not?!

Whatever ‘they’ do get, they don’t get this:

We, The People – WE are the ‘Big House’; THEY are the staff.

They are just the staff…

10 thoughts on “You can’t get the staff

  1. While it can be argued that they are, at least notionally, hirelings, what they are hired to do is run the country, create new legislation, and enforce that which already exists via the police force. And – the important fact – to do so autonomously, without our input or interference – or permission. This is how our staff – not really a sound analogy, I’m afraid – get to do anything they like, up to and including voting themselves massive pay rises while driving down everyone else’s standard of living, and enacting legislation that will impact adversely, one way or another, on almost every citizen, driving, as it has already, many to take their own lives in despair.

    We, the almost entirely notional employers only stop being notional, and in a position to hire and fire, for one day every 5 years. Which is why we, the people, are never consulted, and why we can have so little influence on parliament, and that mainly via our own MPs. Ans if they happen to be Tory, not even then.

    And yes, Juli, they do get it only too well – but they are so corrupt, mendacious, self-obsessed, and in the case of IDS a malign and incompetent lunatic, that they really don’t give a shit.


    • Your reply expresses the reason I wrote the view above in the first place. You may not like my ‘staff analogy’ but I can assure you I chose it quite deliberately – for artistic reasons! 😉


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  3. Democracy in our country is Dead. First it was replaced by Party Politics and now, by enlightened self interest. This has happened at all levels of government from local to national, from the Shires to the Sink estates of towns and city’s. Many start out thinking they will make a difference but quickly learn they won’t. They toe the line or find themselves side-lined and ignored.
    Ministers no longer make policy, they are simply the mouthpieces, that is the job of ‘Advisers’ and Spads, coached by lobbyists and industry reps.
    Yes Men fill the front benches in parliament and get the better jobs as a reward for their loyalty. New MPs are parachuted into safe seats to ensure their support, often against the wishes of the local “Swivel Eyed Loons” who still believe the Party really cares.
    The really sad part of this is that we swallow it all, year in year out. Guided by the greedy media to sway this way and that, buying in to the propaganda they spew out on behalf of their masters.
    Will they change? No, I think not, after all, Would Turkeys Vote for Christmas?


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