Of Lights and Mirrors

The still and rushing Light resides inside the hearts and minds of those who seek it.

Be not enslaved therefore, to your emotions: use them as the sign posts of your psyche;

Measure them against your conscience; justify them if you can.

Use your intellect to reason out position and direction

Consciously and honestly, without excessive flagellation.

Be observer and companion; always walk among your Selves.

What does your heart ‘tell’ you that you should discard or most desire?

Is it for your path or pack; do you aspire to do harm or carelessly affect another

By eschewing or by domination of a Will you do not own?

Can you love yourself and have sufficient self awareness; self-respect –

To see yourself reflected in the thoughts and actions of your fellow earthly travellers –

To nourish and absorb without the sense of loss in your own worth;

Without surrendering your principles in favour of acceptance by a fashioned crowd?

As you perceive yourself in others, which is mirrored more:

Your empathy or instinct to recoil?

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