Right Ridiculous

You’re ridiculous. It’s over. Lost the plot. You’ve had it and you know it, for the whole world watches on while you make of us a global laughing stock. The lunatics have taken over, broken though your weak façade; made you so demented that you’re hoisted by your own petard. Yes, it is pathetic how you twizzle to the swivel-eyed and brainless drivel ceeping from the fringes of your tragic narrow troupe. Look how you stoop to the level of the dinosaurs, the bigots and the petty, fretting loons – How soon you joined their circus and how readily you rushed to be all-singing and all-dancing to a myriad of wild and crazy tunes.

What on Earth’s the matter with you? Is there any type you’ll stand that isn’t in your special band of empty headed fools? Are you so blind; so absolutely asinine you’ll let yourself be bossed around and tossed about by any useless tool?

Why yes, you are! Stop banging on and just piss off or raise the bar!

3 thoughts on “Right Ridiculous

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