The ‘Conviction Politician’

The ‘conviction politician’ doesn’t mess with compromise
Though the lies are still forthcoming when they see the chance
Of running is at risk of unbecoming
Should they then be called upon
To elaborate on detail and thus see their grand idea fail
And the path on which they travel subsequently would unravel
Thus they spin upon the pin of dogma’s song.

The conviction politician has no given to be wise
As the blind support of dumb accord is riven by the distance
From reality’s insistence,
Demonstrated by repeat:
That a powerful belief cannot guarantee relief by the virtue
Of its certainty – deludeds have them too
And it’s what the despots do.

The conviction politician isn’t missing or passé, but careers
Get in the way and their courage is reduced as their principles
Come loose and like puppets acquiesce to the panic
And the flavour of the day. They are afraid
To use persuasion and reveal their motivation
So conspire to subvert the faith of those they should convert
So that nobody is served and,


Anyone can have conviction, be they hero, fool or villain
It’s the merit that needs testing, I would say.

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