Where We Are

Bedrooms: taxed.
Benefits: capped.
NHS: privatised.
Legal Aid: capsized.
Rights? Being scrapped.

Tramping down.
Clamping down.
Liars seeding,
Lies to lies.

Trap and tap the populace,
So easily despised.

Thank the finest boys of Eton
For the food stamps you are needing.

Investment opportunities galore!
If you are rich…

‘Ain’t life a bitch –
Getting tax cuts –
Profiteering from the poor?

Oh… and war.

Children homogenised.
Processed fate.
State-groomed serfdom –
Ripening hate.
Confidence: none.


Some things are new, under this sun:

Survival is living;
Taking is giving;
Judgement means caring;
And inequality?
Well, that’s for sharing.

6 thoughts on “Where We Are

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  3. Yeah. But … but.. you can’t homeogenise children. They’re too weird. And,… y’know we don’t have to take it. Lets play some tunes and drink too much. It feels pretty bad right now, but we’re smart folk. Smarter than the bastards who make us feel bad. And we will take it back. We will. x


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