Notional Anthem

Begging your indulgence…

Notional Anthem

By powerful decrees
And quickening degrees
We lose our rights.
Let them not us suppress
Our freedom to express
Deep joy or great distress
With all your might.

Authorities extol
Behavioural control
Order maintained.
May we be all and each
Less censoring of speech
To your own morals reach
“Let freedom reign”.

Preserve autonomy
In thought and word and deed
Most consciously.
The balance is immense
The right to take offence
Is all our consequence
For sovereignty.

Let them not us frustrate
How we communicate
Our hopes and fears.
Do not let them confound
Let not our Will be bound
But stand and fight our ground
Amongst our peers.

Let them not us restrain
From venting all our pain
With righteous spite.
To ridicule and laugh
At all we view as daft
And so respect the craft
Of searing light.

All nations of these Isles
Expose established guile
And raze its dross.
Send us victorious
O’er those who shackle us
Manipulation crush
On Freedom’s cross.



[National Anthem and history]

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