Do you remember?

Do you remember when you were young:
When they sold us a future in which everyone
Would have more time for leisure and
Life’s simple pleasures?

I do.

I remember how ‘progress’ was sold as the shift
Toward treasured Modernity’s time-saving gifts.
I remember when ‘free time’ were not dirty words,
But the envy of those who knew it was absurd
To work hard for The Man, at the cost of your Soul;
To neglect your own senses to fit in a mould;
To conform to consensus and stick to the path
Laid out in perpetuity – however daft…

And yet,

Where does the time go and how is it spent,
But by serving The Man just to pay him more rent?
And while faster goes quicker and more becomes less
Of a joy than a measure of burden and stress,
We regress to Draconia’s cold, hostile age
As a new class of servants with masters who wage
On us their aspirations for their private nation.

Obnoxious concoctions and new imitations
Of outdated thinking, consigned long ago
To the scrapyard of ignorant, privileged foes.
Resurrected prescribers and makers of woe
Who would keep us distracted and chained by the nose
To a grindstone which cripples and overly loads
On our bodies and minds and the whole of our time
Is spent rushing and pushing and fleeing and fighting
To be the first one to the end of the line.


6 thoughts on “Do you remember?

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  2. It saddens me in so many ways that good writing such as this is read intermittently. I sent some time today looking at some of your work and it really does deserve to be seen by more people and the content thought about with an open heart. I just wanted to say this.

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    • 😊What an incredibly lovely thing to say! Thank you for reading. Deep down I know I have some talent and I do wish I had more readers, of course. Even better, if I could make a living at it! However, my confidence ebbs and flows, on top of which, I am afraid of getting into facebook and am a bit of a technical Luddite, so I am also my own worst enemy. Still, I am compelled to write and feel anxious if I leave it too long, so I keep ‘publishing’. x

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  3. Yes the ebb and flow of confidence is such a pain and yet I think it is part of the process of development and creativity. I am 61 and have just found the confidence to publish a little of the music and words I have written. Take care and keep writing.

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