Dear Coalition of Conservatives

Why are you allowing the poor to be blamed for being poor?

What you disingenuously term “Welfare”, known previously (though inconveniently to you) as Social Security, is so expensive because the basic cost of living is so ridiculously high and gainful employment so scarce, that increasing numbers of citizens are dependent upon it.

That is not the fault of the poor, whether they are retired, fully employed, underemployed, or unemployed. But you know this fine well.

You’re right that the system is a mess. What system isn’t, for Pity’s Sake! One by one the veils have been lifted from our institutions – including yours – and these structures – their ‘systems’ and interconnectedness of culpability, corruption and incompetence: this is something in which you have shared and it makes a mockery of your persistence in punishing and patronising those with the least control over their lives. What kind of government says “we’re all in it together” and pits one demographic against another? And what kind of government alternates between blaming the previous one and global factors as per convenience and yet, not only perpetuates those mistakes, but actively builds on them?

But anyway, the point is that this is the worst economic climate in which to initiate such sweeping reforms. I bet they’re even costing you – I mean us – more money than if you had just left well alone and sucked it up while you addressed the real issues. It disgusts me that you should scapegoat so many decent, earnest citizens for a few temporary votes and the placation of narrow and willing minds. Shame on you.

If there is an insufficient number of well-paid jobs then the Government of the day is obviously not doing theirs. Part-time, temporary and zero-hour contracts? Desperate people trying self-employment? The disabled expected to pick up your slack and stressed to breaking point? You can pat yourself on the back all you like over ‘a million new jobs’ and the higher tax threshold but they don’t bring in the revenue, do they? Why does a government always blame outwards and down? You should look upwards and at your own narrow and simplistic mindset because your social and economic policies reflect an enormous lack of understanding. Or is it a lack of interest? You must know that you demonstrate what’s either a complete detachment from reality or a selfish and stealthy commandeering of the lifeboats.

Please try some honest introspection and have another look at the real long-term cost and weight of your responsibilities. Not to your preservation, but to ours: We, the People. Recognise that some things cost Community a great deal more than money. Most people want to lead productive and creative lives. They want peace of mind. They don’t want to need ‘Welfare’. They want a decent job that pays enough to live well by and still contribute some tax because: do you know –  this has the extraordinary effect of making people feel like participants with a right to an opinion on the running of their country. Whether you approve or not. Is that the bit you hate? Democracy is so tedious for you, isn’t it?

If you genuinely want people to be better off working than being on benefits – even though you know damned well that most are working AND receiving benefits – then either ensure that wages rise or that the standard cost of living comes down. Significantly. You know what else needs doing: stop giving our future away to the banks in ethereal fiat; stop farming out our most basic needs and services to private, corporate monstrosities and foreign interests. It is the home populace to whom you should kowtow.

If “speculate to accumulate” is such a capitalist mantra, then why don’t you invest directly in us, the citizens? In the no-brainers like housing, infrastructure, repairs, health, education etc? You know… the things the People actually need and have asked for. Put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. (I and many others can give you a list of world-renowned and credible people to talk to about economics.)

We want grand-scale vision, integrity and sustainability – without the cynicism, the moral judgement and the slippery agenda. We don’t want progress to be for just a few, achieved on the backs of everyone else. Oh – and by the way – we don’t want it to be at the expense of other countries, either.

It’s all very well spouting on about sovereignty but the Sovereignty people really want is the ability to be heard and heeded and served by those who claim to represent them. And I don’t mean just those few who actually voted for you: I mean the entire nation. Anyway, you don’t even have a mandate for all this ideology so stop treating us as your fuel; fodder for your survival….

What a waste of power and influence you are! But you don’t care, do you, because you’re all set up nicely, as are your kith and kin. As much as you’d like to be regarded kindly by History and leave a respected legacy, I’m not sure you’ve thought it through. It won’t be a good legacy or even a neutral one – for either partner. You won’t win the next election, just like you couldn’t even win the last one, in spite of the spin you wove and the blankets you pulled over confused eyes. So why are you even bothering with all this ideological fancy? Why are you so intent on taking your “brief authority” out on the citizens? Does the thought of the peasants getting above their stations offend and threaten your superiority complex so awfully much?


Quite a percentage, really.

10 thoughts on “Dear Coalition of Conservatives

  1. “speculate to accumulate” is the very phrase that I’ve been searching for! Brilliant point.. why is it good for the private sector to borrow to invest but not the UK gov’t?? Not that the gov’t needs to call it borrowing since it is ‘borrowing’ for the most part from the Bank of England which prints Sterling under licence for the UK gov’t.

    Great letter Juli but I’m afraid that you are not talking to ordinary people who would hear you loud and clear. They are the 1%, the Bullingdon boys 😦


    • Bullingdon Bullies 😦 – I take your point but I’m talking to the FULL range within government AS an ordinary person. Not that any of them will be reading it! 😉


  2. I have heard of a couple he earns 50k,but brought when the market was high so has negative equity,she stopped working until the child they had was old enough to go to school ,they have been hit by higher taxes,but whilst before she would have gone & got a part-time job to make ends meet,it is impossible she is competing against workfare workers & can not get even low paid income,workfare is hitting the strivers to


      • Well said Juli. The most obvious example is the work parents do for free in rearing the next generation, but also notable is the free work done by carers which saves the nation billions! Of course ‘free’ in that sense means no expenditure. There are certainly emotional and physical costs that are disgracefully unremarked.


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  4. If I was a hacker, I’d send this to every person IN THE WORLD involved with governemt or politics, down to the smallest guy on the totem pole and send it to all media outlets including TV, newspaper, and magazine, as well as noting that every single politician in the world recieved it, and see the reaction. I guess if I was that good of a hacker, I could send it to every human being on the planet…. I think that we all feel this way, and we just need to show it in a constructive manner. Here in the US we had that whole Wall St. thingy, the 99% or whatever but only whackos showed up to that thing. Almost every country had a revolution to get out from under British control, but is it possible that Britian can get out of British control? Atleast you guys have free healthcare, I just spent half my paycheck on curing a middle ear-infection. If you are wondering, I do have insurance, and it still cost about $300 to visit a family doctor who said I dont’ have an ear infection, buy the scripts they gave me, then o to a specialist who says, yup looks like you got two ear infections in the same ear! Then ibought the scripts he gave me, and threw the ones out from the other doctor cus he said I should definately NOT USE THEM. So, About a waste of $150 and I need to make a follow up but I can’t afford it. I am, just gonna wing cus the pain’s not as bad now, and the hearings coming back. Thanks for this awesome article, I wish we could all read it and get together in one gaint forum of every citizen on earth, and I’m sure there would be dissagreement, the old, “Capitalism is the best thing sliced sliced bread!” Fuck that, My grandma makes the best bread and its not sliced. Just because someone says its true doesn’t mean it is, her bread is a testament to that. Gosh dang she makes goood bread. She’s got a recipe that involves prunes, but it is super delicious. Sure, she slices it later but that don’t make it sliced bread.


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