Living Longer

What are we “living longer” for?

A few years more of being poor?

To reach an age of destitution,

Helpless in dependency?

To be neglected; disrespected?

Sitting in the same old chair

In mean and squalid institutions,

Half aware, not really there?

Or, horror! With a lucid mind,

Enduring time and yet more time

To witness co-invented wars;

To weep at wasted brain and brawn –

Our social fabric worn and torn;

To mourn lost generations born

Into a scrapheap, harshly built

By systematic, alternating

Turns of greed and guilt?


4 thoughts on “Living Longer

  1. Qn – is “our lot” better or worse than that for those who came before us? You’re right, we live longer (although that’s sure to end if we have more than a few yrs of this govt); but we haven’t addressed how that’ll work. Do we want 78yr olds working? Doing what? Where will they(we) live? Will we be a burden?
    them young ‘uns will need someone to tell them that it’s been shit since god wer a lad for most folk, and it can be changed. It will be changed.

    And at least we’re not snails. And we have each other.


    • Love your response! We’ve got a long way to go, haven’t we? Have to teach the young ones about the little and the big pictures; to be independent thinkers; that it’s a paradoxical universe and that it’s all a game, anyway… 🙂


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