When we talk about Sovereignty and, just to be clear – I’m speaking exoterically, rather than esoterically – it’s usually in the context of Nation, Monarchy, Independence and European ‘diktats’. At least, that’s how our politicians frame the concept. Funny, really, because what about the Banks and the gargantuan corporations who are literally eating up the planet? What about their incestuous co-dependency and necrotic relationships to governance? What about individuals, so rich and powerful that they can influence policy over everyone else? What has that done to our sovereignty? What about powerful nation investors like China who, for any temporary good they may do, yet buy our futures from under our noses? What about the almost unswerving obedience to and cooperation with the United States? What about the increasingly prescribed intolerance towards certain demographics, both domestic and international? What about the authorised, blanket finger-pointing and derogation of those known to be disadvantaged? What about their subjugation? And how about the fact that we are all susceptible to such arbitrary diagnosis?

We can all think of immediate examples, on many levels, I’m sure…

What and where is our sovereignty? Is it within us? Is it in the land which We, The People own less and less of? Does it show itself through individual autonomy? Is it enshrined in the sacred respect for our participation in ‘Democracy’ and our presumed consent? Are you in control of your circumstances, your future and your world? Who has supreme power and authority over your life? Is it you?

When was the last time you considered your government to be a fair representation of the views and disposition of the majority of your fellow citizens? When was the last time a government reflected the views of a nation? We can all cite examples of inaccurate information and disingenuous framing, can we not? I mean, just look at the demarcation between strivers and scroungers that has been fabricated in the UK. Wonder at the ideological narrative which underpins a ‘War on Terror’. Despair at the clowns in our institutions and seethe at the audacity of those who determined this economic climate.

The perceptions shaped by vested interests are divisive and simplistic and rarely the product of truth. No… Such ‘evidence’ is all too often painstakingly created to serve as excuse and distraction.

We often judge the peoples of other countries by equally dubious narratives, whether by historical stereotyping or political and media positioning. But surely, if we’ve learned anything, it is that the general populace of anywhere is just as misrepresented by their leaders as are we. We shouldn’t presume the existence of genuine sovereignty of anywhere anymore. We should probably assume that a ‘sovereign’ leader speaks only for some. We should not accept convenient, sweeping generalisations from those who claim authority and have the power to enact their decisions. And we certainly should not tar a demographic or even an entire population based on the crazy posturing and destructive actions of their leaders, be they religious fanatics, political despots or democratically elected – and gods save us from those who have managed to combine all three…

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