Dear Politicians, Bankstas, Corporations, Media and all other Procurers of Terror and Power…

You are a plague of Biblical proportions:

You are the ones who do the negotiating, make the decisions and form the policies. You’re the ones who manipulate the imaginary money, monopolise the commodities, exploit natural resources, incite hatred, create division…

Quite frankly: you’re all gluttonous, paranoid, short-sighted idiots.

You’re the ones who care so little for the real lives of the People that you’ll happily and ruthlessly obliterate our environments, our well-being, our freedoms, our Rights…

You’re the ones who stir the shit, start the wars. You’re the ones who invade governed and ‘ungoverned spaces’, enable fantastical profiteering and have the audacity to call it ‘help’.

You’re the ones who do backroom deals, have ulterior motives, put self-interest first, distrust your citizens and fleece your customers.

You’re the ones who carve up countries, companies and communities with your insulting and simplistic understanding.

You’re the ones who hinder truth, who stretch realities and fabricate stories with disgusting confidence.

You’re the ones oppressing and suppressing and ignoring and neglecting. You’re the ones who cheat and lie, enjoy privilege, collude and profit from the exploitation of disadvantage and naivety.

You’re the ones displaying a grotesque lack of wisdom and integrity, a despicable imagination, dishonour, cowardice…

You’re the ones who seek to keep the masses sufficiently ignorant, confused and weakened in order to control and maintain your dangerous game.

You’re the latest in a long line of Ones who have played with the world like petty Greek gods.

We don’t like your game. It’s your game: you made the whole thing up and it’s obscene.

Yours in anger and impatience, most sincerely,

More People every day.

9 thoughts on “Dear Politicians, Bankstas, Corporations, Media and all other Procurers of Terror and Power…

  1. Fantastic .. I’ll put the link on the Think left Fb page. You are absolutely right… narcissistic, with real pockets of psychosis and lacking even rudimentary empathy for anyone (except themselves).


  2. . . . and sadly this has been common knowledge for hundreds/thousands of years; and no matter how much people shout,we’ve still been able to do Jack-Shit about it, and will carry on being able to do Jack-Shit about it. Why? Because as a race we suck.


  3. Trouble is, they’re embedding it all into a mesh of “legal” deals with pan-global corporate giants.

    If/When enough people finally wake up and throw them out, we’ll still have to reclaim our services.

    And by then, they’ll be on corporate boards, trying to enforce corporate contracts

    tempting just to fix the f^ckers now, but there’s plenty more behind them …

    Vive la révolution!

    (good rant, cheers)


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