She Said

“I’m glad I am the age I am,” she said.
“I’m grateful that the road behind
Is longer than my road ahead,
For all I see is war and fear
And grasping greed by grubby hands:
The dark night of the Soul of Man
Enveloping all creeds and lands.

“There’s poison in the hearts of men,” she said.
“An undiluted self-belief and blinding faith casts
Bloody shadows, hollows Hope and spreads
An everlasting hate which fashions cold
And steals Life’s hallowed grace.

“There is a madness in the minds of men
Whose messianic propagations bend
The Golden Bough and fray the sacred threads
Which then, in haste they darn with fœtid patches
Lest the Light be glimpsed because
The Truth lies in the gaps,” she said.

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