Cameron and Co

We’re “heading in the right direction”
Satan’s minions will have tell;
Their recipe for our correction
Knocking –
Hear the warning knell?

He leads the rack,
He is the pinion –
Will not countenance opinion
Self-interest is his dominion
Teeth set firm
Towards the Gates of Hell.

Destination by decree
Of fiat kings and corporations:
“Hail to the Unholy See!
Might is Right!”
Proclaim its agents.
New regime as old as Ancient
Orders subjugate the nation.

To the Pillars of Necessity and Fate,
Masquerading as the Saviour
With division served as bait,
While his kin he is preserving
With his own collection plate.

Arise, good people
And give vent
To our ‘divine’ Establishment.
Our very blood is being lent
And sold and swapped
And spilled and spent.

This Call-me-Dave will us enslave
If we do not reclaim the State:
Rebuild our lives, our dreams, our nation
One we ALL can co-create.
He is no god, no king, no leader –
Just a well-connected bleeder.

Come ye forth while you’re still free –
We, The People: you and me.
Let’s show this crook, this tyrant traitor,
Petty despotic dictator
Where we’d really like to see
Him stick his ‘Big Society’.

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