Ode to Politicians

[You are unmasked]

Even when I like what you’ve said
I don’t believe you mean it
Or that you will achieve it
Without a greater cost to something else.
I think your pseudo empathy
Masks patronising sympathy
That you’ve become Transparency itself.

I can see right through your spin –
You wear it like a fragile skin
That bares the places you have been
And your commitment to your sins.

Can’t pay, won’t pay, don’t care, won’t share
Shift the blame, the cost – don’t spare
Your spite, your guile, your vitriol –
It masks your fear
That we all know:
The world is slipping out of your control.

1 thought on “Ode to Politicians

  1. Its not what they say its who is saying it, and i came to the conclusion in 1997 after Voting Labour [ never voted different ] that the Only Jobs & Wealth they Create are for Tthemselves , Rogues Governing for Rogues.


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